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Month Events in April 2018

  • Community Care Live

    24 April 2018 in Manchester

    Taking place from 24-25 April 2018 at Manchester Central, Community Care Live Manchester will provide two full days of CPD and essential learning, covering key topics across children and families’ social work, adult social care and social work management. So whatever your area of focus, interest or expertise, there’s sure to be something in our comprehensive programme which will make a visit to Community Care Live Manchester worthwhile.

    Each day offers a different seminar programme, and you are more than welcome to attend either one or both days, and as many sessions* as your schedule allows. Registered social workers and local authority staff can attend for free†. This year’s topics include the Care Act, adoption and supervision, deprivation of liberty and court skills. What’s more, our co-located exhibition will give you plenty of opportunity to meet and network with a number of relevant local authorities, service providers and recruiters relevant to the North-West region.

Month Events in September 2018

  • Community Care Live

    25 September 2018 in London

    Community Care Live London is the annual flagship event and is the UK’s largest free event for social workers.

Month Events in May 2018

  • Wisdom from Failure: A Kaleidoscope on Child Protection

    18 May 2018 in London

    The conference is open to all professionals working in child protection as practitioners (social workers, lawyers, charities) as well as academics and those with links to any aspect of child protection.

    Presented by WillisPalmer and History & Policy in association with:

    The conference offers an opportunity to hear presentations from a number of expert historians, social workers, lawyers and adult survivors, and to engage in multidisciplinary discussions focused on three panels.

Month Events in March 2018

  • BASW Independents conference 2018 - Staying resilient and informed in times of changing independent practice

    05 March 2018 in London

    This annual conference provides an excellent opportunity for a group of delegates drawn from the BASW Independents community to meet for a day of continued professional development. The day aims to offer presentations on current issues, workshops focusing on business and/ or social work practice along with networking opportunities.

    Keynote: Dr Louise Grant
    Resilience in Social Workers;Compassion, wellbeing and distress: the importance of caring for the self as well as for others

    This session will begin with a brief overview of  why social work as a profession is stressful focussing particularly on the nature of the work and the emotional demands of providing compassionate empathic helping relationships in challenging situations. The session will provide an overview of a research study which focussed on 370  Independent social workers and will report on the challenges of this work and the factors that contribute to resilience and psychological well-being. The need for resilience and associated competencies of accurate empathy, emotionally literacy and the importance of recognising compassion fatigue will be discussed.

    It will conclude with some recommendations and an overview of  how resilience to stress can be built and how compassion fatigue can be avoided.

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