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10 reasons why you should think about going locum today

Thinking of going locum? Or going back to locum work? Here's why you could be making the best decision of your working life.

Published on 8th April 2019


Locum workers earn more money - fact. Let's not beat about the bush - we all go to work to earn money. While it is hugely beneficial if you are fortunate enough to be doing a job you love, why would you not want to do the same job but get bigger bucks in each pay packet? Experienced locum occupational therapists can earn between £28 and £40 per hour.


Many locums want to progress or earn more but often feel backed into taking a management position to achieve this. However, this takes you away from the frontline of the career you went into. Going locum means you can earn more while staying at the frontline of practice and doing what you are good at.


Many locums want to take control of their own destiny and choose what work they do and when. Going locum enables occupational therapists to 'seize the day' and take control of your own career rather than being sucked into an establishment and becoming part of the furniture.


Flexibility is a massive attraction for many workers as it enables you to do contracts that suit you. While some locum occupational therapists look for a six-nine month contract, work hard, then go on holiday for a month, others prefer to take time off during school holidays to spend time with their children or take time off in term time to avoid costly holidays. Whatever your situation, locum working enables you to work in a way that suits you and your family.


This is something everyone talks about, and would say is important, but few of us prioritise this important area. It is easy when you are passionate about your career and the service users you work with to put in extra hours, but this is often to the detriment of your home life. Locum contracts often forbid extra hours and even when it is not stipulated in paper, locums are not expected to work in their own time.


Even in the best places of work, office politicis exist and some occupational therapists just do not wish to be a part of it. Often locums have the attitude that they will go into a placement, do their job well, put in a bit extra too, then walk away at the end of the day without worrying about the politics that are inevitable in most working environments.


It tends to be experienced workers who go locum, and often locums are viewed as a source of expertise within the team. Having experience in different systems, settings and organisations means locum occupational therapists can bring valuable knowledge to the workplace.


Often locum contracts allow you to gain experience in an area of occupational therapy you have not worked in before. So if you wanted to move from one specialism to another, or try a different area, locum work enables you to do this without committing to a permanent contract.


Having the flexibility to move around different placements, work in different sectors and environments, experience different cultures and learn new systems means a locum rarely gets bored or stale in a placement.


If you are known as an experienced, flexible locum, opportunities may come your way that may not have done in a permanent placement. Keep in contact with your recruitment agency and let them know what you want for now and in the future and they can keep an eye open for any opportunities.

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Tripod Partners OT division has 24 years combined expertise in occupational therapy recruitment. Tripod Partners offers free registration including DBS checks, Free Mandatory training, £150 find your own job bonus, £350 referral bonus and £500 loyalty bonus.

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Mary, locum occupational therapist, said; "I have used several locum agencies but I have found that Tripod Partners offer the personal experience I need, where my consultant keeps in mind my experience and preferences before sending me potential posts. I have also found them helpful, responsive, and professional at all times. Feedback from employers is that they like dealing with Tripod Partners as they always work hard to iron any wrinkles out. And of course Mel is a treasure. I would highly recommend them."


Ken, locum OT, said: "I would like to say how pleased I am with the service offered by Tripod Partners. In particular you and your colleagues are always very helpful and always manage to sort out any problems I may have on a day to day basis. Especially any issues with my pay! The other great strength of Tripod is the extensive list of jobs which are always available – even to someone as picky as me!"

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