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Re-registration period for locum social workers open now

Details on what you need to do to re-register with the Health and Care Professions Council

Published on 4th September 2018

Locum social workers will need to renew registration between now and 30 November.

The period for locum social workers to renew registration will be between 1 September 2018 and 30 November 2018 with the Health and Care Professions Council.

In the Children and Social Work Bill it emerged that there will be a new regulator for social workers in England – Social Work England. However, the new regulator will not be operational until spring 2019 and therefore social workers will need to follow the processes you have previously followed with the HCPC as the current regulator of social workers in England.

Social workers need to re-register every two years and in order to register must sign a professional declaration and pay a registration fee.

To renew your registration you will need to access your online account. To access your online account you will need your registration number and authentication code and these details are included in correspondence from the HCPC when the regulator invites you to renew your registration.

Once you have these details, click here to access your online account or click the 'my account' link at the top of this page and then follow the steps to log-in to your account.

By making the professional declaration you are confirming that you have:

  • continued to practise your profession since your last registration; or
  • not practised your profession since your last registration but have met the HCPC’s return to practice requirements.

You must indicate which applies to you by selecting one of the two options during the renewal process. If you have been out of practice for more than two years you will need to undertake a period of updating your skills and knowledge before you can become re-registered. You must complete the relevant return to practice forms which can be found on the HCPC website at by clicking here.

As well as confirming that you have practised since your last registration, you are also confirming that:

  • you continue to meet the HCPC’s standards of proficiency for the safe and effective practice of your profession;
  • since your last registration there has been no change relating to your good character (this includes any conviction or caution, if any, that you are required to disclose), or any change to your health that may affect your ability to practise safely and effectively; and
  • you continue to meet the HCPC's standards for continuing professional development.


You also need to pay your registration fee of £180 for two years. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has agreed that the annual fee payable to HCPC is tax deductible for UK tax payers. This means that for registrants paying tax at the standard rate of 20 per cent, the £90 annual renewal fee effectively costs £72 after £18 tax relief. If you wish to spread the cost of registration over the two-year registration cycle, you can pay by direct debit in four instalments.

When you renew your registration, your declaration also confirm that you have met HCPC standards, including the standards for CPD. The HCPC audits a random sample of 2.5 per cent of registrants in each profession at every renewal and ask these individuals to send information and evidence that they have met the CPD standards.

If you are picked as part of the random sample for audit, the HCPC will send you information about completing your CPD profile. You will need to complete and send your profile by your renewal deadline date. You can get help in how to complete your CPD profile here.

While there is a three month period for renewal you are advised to not leave it until the last minute to avoid being taken off the register if the deadline is missed. If you fail to re-register within the time frame, you will be taken off the register.

There are FAQs on registration here.




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