Relocating to Australia

Ever fancied relocating to Australia? Hear from Chelesani Sihlola who has done just that.

Published on 22nd January 2018

You may have seen us advertising a relocation package to Australia recently. If so, and you’re considering it but want to know what’s involved, Chelesani Sihlola has been through the application process and is due to start work in Australia any day. Here he explains what is involved.

Chelesani Sihlola is currently in Australia awaiting a start day after successfully completing an application process to relocate there. “I’ve always been interested in coming to Australia and practising as a social worker,” says Chelesani who moved from his native Zimbabwe this month.

Chelesani graduated in social work in 2006 after pursuing his passion to “enable vulnerable people to realise their potential”. He began work for the Department of Social Welfare working in child welfare before joining World Vision where he worked as a sponsorship development officer between 2009 and December 2017 where his focus was child protection and community development – working in communities with smaller groups, particularly young people.

However he explains: “In Zimbabwe things were limited, I wanted to practise in an environment where financial constraints did not dictate the way you deliver services.”

Chelesani began to research opportunities to relocate to Australia to practise social work there and registered with the Association of Social Work in Australia. Chelesani began applying for a Visa and was referred by a colleague in Zimbabwe to Tripod Partners as they informed Chelesani that Tripod would be able to link him with employers in Australia and support him through the application process.

“I contacted Tripod and sent them my CV. They spoke to me at length about the application process and what I could expect which was really helpful,” said Chelesani, who sent off his application for the relocation package through Tripod shortly afterwards. “Tripod advised me as to the areas the employers may be interested in discussing during the interviews and supported me throughout the application process.”

Chelesani says he would definitely recommend Tripod to anyone considering the relocation package as their support has helped him no end throughout the process.

The application had four stages: a one-way interview, psychometric tests, an hour long face-to-face interview via Skype and then references. Chelesani said it was “a thorough process, but that is what I would expect to be able to practise social work in Australia”.

Chelesani had carried out thorough research and realised that the guiding principles for the legislation in Zimbabwe were very similar to those in Australia which enabled him to become a “perfect fit” with what the employers in Australia were seeking.

On 14 January, Chelesani arrived in Australia. He is awaiting International Police Clearance and can then be made a formal employment offer and he hopes to start work on 1 February. Chelesani will then receive intensive training in specific Australian legislation, policies and procedures and the practice he will be expected to undertake in his new role which will be in frontline child protection.

“So far I am loving it, the weather is fantastic and I’m looking forward to learning about the different cultures here,” he adds.

Chelesani’s wife and two children aged four and two years old will be joining him once he has started work and has arranged accommodation. He has a five year Visa and plans to travel and explore the country while he is there.

“I intend to be here for a long while, I think I’m really going to enjoy working here and as long as I find it challenging, I’ll stay here,” he said.

Chelesani concludes that it is too good an opportunity to miss as it is a “chance for professional development while following your passion,” and he wholeheartedly urges anyone considering the move to follow their dreams.

If you are interested in a relocation to Australia contact Tripod Partners for more details.

Email: recruitment@tripodperm.co.uk

Phone: 020 3146 6603

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